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Monthly Vs. Annual Billing Explained
Monthly Vs. Annual Billing Explained
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We have both monthly AND yearly pricing plans available for all of our plan sizes! If you go to our pricing page here, you'll see you can toggle to either monthly or yearly payment options. See below!

With the annual option, you save 25% (which ends up being 3 free months!), but you do pay for the full year upfront.

For example: for the solo annual plan, you'd pay $162 upfront for the full year (after your trial). And for the solo monthly plan, you'd pay $18/month (after your trial). Also note that there are no contracts, so you are free to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your account at any time.

To start your membership, just go to and click "TRY FREE." Then select the "monthly" or "annual" pricing option and the plan you would like.

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