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Do you offer songs in different keys?
Do you offer songs in different keys?
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We only offer the original keys as of now. 

I'm sure you can understand how it would not be a great use of our time to do tutorials in multiple keys since doing just one tutorial, in one key, takes a very long time. 

We understand that not everyone plays songs in the original key. That’s why it’s our intention to teach the parts well enough, as well as offer tabs and charts, so that you are able to easily transpose the songs on your own. 

On guitar, most transposing is done by simply moving up or down the neck a fret or two. With vocals, it’s even easier than that. In other words, we give you a great foundation should you want to change the key. Our videos are going to teach the really important stuff like chord changes, rhythms, when to play/sing, when not to play/sing, song flow, and dynamics.

We’ve found that with many of the teams that we work with, once vocalists learn the parts from our tutorials, they are able to very easily sing that song even in a different key. Not to mention the great habits that they’re building by learning to hear harmonies and sing proper parts! 

If you need some help transposing, I really suggest checking out this video we made on the number system. The number system really comes in handy when transposing. 

With that said, we are currently developing and testing a solution to offer more keys. One that doesn't involve having to actually record each song in multiple keys. Stay tuned as we will be rolling this out soon!

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