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Videos are loading slowly and/or laggy
Videos are loading slowly and/or laggy

Steps to help resolve any video player issues

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We make our videos at the highest quality possible. Unfortunately there is no way to offer the highest quality videos around and have them work lightning fast for everybody out there, but the good news it is that there are some things you can do to help!

1. Assure that you have an adequate connection speed. 

Our video player uses “smart encoding.” What this means for you is that the video player will automatically stream the best quality that your connection speed and/or device can handle. 

If you are getting low quality video, you may not have an adequate connection speed. You can test your download speed here. High speed internet runs around 50 to 70 Mbps. If your download speed is under about 10 Mbps, you may have problems loading the videos. 

You also have the ability to manually adjust the video quality in the lower right side of the video player. Try lowering it until the video begins to load at a reasonable speed.

2. Use Google Chrome and/or update your browser

The fastest thing to try that ends up solving 95% of all video player problems is to use Google Chrome as your browser. 

You can download it here for free. Certain preferences, add-ons, settings, virus programs, etc in other browsers can occasionally interfere with the video player working properly. Give Chrome a try! Safari is second best, and then Mozilla Firefox.

Also ensure that you are using the most current version of you browser.

3. Restart you computer

This is annoyingly simple (annoying because it takes some time), but solves a world of problems as it will reset your computer’s memory and make everything run much more smoothly.

4. Close other programs

Close everything else on your computer that is causing it to work hard (iTunes, other internet windows, downloading files, background tasks, etc)

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