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Do you have a mobile app for Android?
Do you have a mobile app for Android?
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We do not have a dedicated mobile app for Android at this time. 

We found that less than 15% of our users use Android, so building an Android app is definitely in the plans for the future, but I can't give you an exact time frame on when that will be.

However, our website is a dedicated web app! This works very similar to a mobile app, but has to be done within your phone's browser. 

On your phone, you can save an icon from the site to your home screen by selecting “add to home screen.” I suggest doing this from our main page. This will allow it to function as an app with an app icon on your home screen.

  1. Navigate to 

  2. Select the share icon at the bottom of your screen by selecting the menu button 

  3. Add to Home Screen

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