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What Drum Gear Are We Using?
What Drum Gear Are We Using?

Description of Drums, Cymbals, Heads, and Hardware

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Kit: 1970 Ludwig 

Snare: 6.5x14 Black Beauty

Pedal: DW 9000

Hardware: DW 7000 cymbal stands, 

DW 9000 hihat stand

Heads: Evans: Toms- G2, Snare- Black Coated Hydraulic, Kick- Coated EMAD

Cymbals: I've used a number of different cymbals but here's some that I've used... Istanbul Agop: Hihats- 18" Xist Crash, 18" Traditional Dark Crash. 21" Mel Lewis Ride, 22" Traditional Dark Crash, 22" Xist Crash, 24" Xist Ride, 24" Traditional Dark Ride

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