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What Gear Do I Need To Use The Patches?
What Gear Do I Need To Use The Patches?
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There are three pieces of gear you will need to use patches from the Worship Online Patch store.

Computer: We use MainStage 3 which is Apple based software and requires a computer running macOS to work. Imac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Pro will work as long as they are updated and have the required software installed.

Midi Controller: Any keyboard that has midi-out or USB connections will work great. The Midi Controller connects to the computer and allows you to play the sounds and patches stored on the computer. We recommend at least a 61-key controller but 76 and 88-key controllers will give you easier control over the patches.

Audio Interface: Any audio interface that can connect to your computer via USB, Firewire 800, or Thunderbolt 2 will work. The audio interface allows the sound to move from you computer to either headphones, monitors, or a sound system.

Here is a list of gear that is used in all of the Worship Online Keys Videos.

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