We have just launched our Planning Center Online integration for every song tutorial in our catalog! Planning Center is an organizational and planning tool for churches, worship teams, and musicians. After linking your Worship Online account to your Planning Center account, you can now quickly and efficiently share worship online tutorials and charts with your entire team with our new "Add to PCO" button!

Here are some quick steps and tips so you can start using this new feature now!

Q: How do I link my worship online account to planning center?
A: There are two ways to link your PCO account to Worship Online.

1) The first way is from your account page. Navigate to "Settings" and then click "Link PCO Account" button. Then sign in using your PCO login. After signing in, you will see a blue pop message on Worship Online that will say "You successfully linked your Planning Center Account".

2) The second way is through any song or setlist on your Worship Online account. There will be an "Add to PCO" button, located to the left of the chord chart on every song. When you look at your setlist, there will be an "Add to PCO" button that will be a white flag icon.
- If your account isn't linked to PCO then you will be prompted to sign in using your PCO Login. This will link your Planning Center account to Worship Online.

Q: How do I unlink my PCO account/link a different PCO account?

A: Go to your account page, and click "Settings". Then click "Unlink PCO Account". From here, if you wish to link a different PCO account then click "Link PCO Account" and sign in with a different PCO account.

Q: Does the integration link all team members' PCO accounts to Worship Online?

A: No, the Planning Center Integration will only link individual Worship Online accounts to PCO accounts.

Q: What does the "Add to PCO" button do?

A: Clicking this button will import song information for the that specific song in your planning center song library as a new arrangement. You will see Worship Online as the arrangement title the first time you add the song to your library

The BPM, Meter, Sequence (song structure), Key Information, Chord Chart PDF, and a link to the worship online tutorial for that song will be imported from Worship Online. The Sequence, Key, and Chord Chart that is imported will change depending on the edits you've made to that chart while on worshiponline.com

There will also be a link added for the Worship Online tutorial of the song which will directly bring you back to the tutorial videos for that song.

Q: Do my team members need to have a worship online subscription to view the video tutorials?

A: Yes! Whether it's part of a team plan, or a solo plan, the tutorial videos are still only viewable if you have an active worship online subscription. The imported chord chart PDF's however are available to your entire team even if they do not have a subscription.

Link my PCO account

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