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Planning Center Integration

Walkthrough of PCO Integration Features

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Planning Center is an organizational and planning tool for churches. If your church uses Planning Center, we have built a direct integration allowing you to easily share Worship Online tutorials, charts, and other resources directly inside your PCO account.

Check out the video below for a full walkthrough.

Why Link PCO with Worship Online

The main benefit of linking Planning Center to your Worship Online account is to easily import song resources from Worship Online into Planning Center. This is especially helpful if you use both resources regularly to plan and schedule worship services and rehearsals.

When you link the two accounts together, you are able to import song info directly from Worship Online into Planning Center. This would allow you to have access to information such as song info, song sequence, chord charts, and a link to the worship online video tutorials for that song directly available in your Planning Center catalog.

Here are some quick steps and tips so you can start using this new feature now!

How do I link my Worship Online account to Planning Center?

There are two ways to link your PCO account to Worship Online.

1. The first way to link your account is from your account page. Navigate to "Settings" and then click the "Link PCO Account" button. You'll then be prompted to sign in to your PCO account. After signing in, you will see a blue pop message on Worship Online that says "You successfully linked your Planning Center account."

2. The second way to link your PCO account is from any song or setlist within your Worship Online account. An "Add to PCO" button is located to the left of the chord chart on every song.

And when viewing any setlist, each song has a white flag icon that will also add your song to PCO.

When selecting either of these options, if your account isn't linked to PCO yet, you will be prompted to sign in using your PCO Login.

How do I unlink my PCO account and link to a different one?

Go to your account page, and click "Settings." Then click "Unlink PCO Account." If you wish to link a different PCO account, click "Link PCO Account" and sign in with a different PCO account.

Does the integration link all team members' PCO accounts to Worship Online?

No, the Planning Center Integration will only link individual Worship Online accounts to PCO accounts.

What does the "Add to PCO" button do?

Clicking this button will import song information for that specific song in your planning center song library as a new arrangement. You will see Worship Online as the arrangement title the first time you add the song to your library.

The BPM, Meter, Sequence (song structure), Key Information, Chord Chart PDF, and a link to the worship online tutorial for that song will be imported from Worship Online. The Sequence, Key, and Chord Chart that is imported will change depending on the edits you've made to that chart while on

A link will also be added for the Worship Online tutorial of the song, which, when clicked, will bring you directly back to that song's page within Worship Online.

Do my team members need to have a worship online subscription to view the video tutorials?

Yes! Whether it's part of a team plan or a solo plan, the tutorial videos are still only viewable if you have an active worship online subscription. However, the imported chord chart PDF is available to your entire team even if they do not have a subscription.

*Note - As of now, you cannot automatically import entire setlists. Each song has to be imported individually.

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