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Worship Online Tabs In-Depth Walkthrough
Worship Online Tabs In-Depth Walkthrough

Step by step how to use all of the features within our tabs

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The Worship Online tab feature is a game changer for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar players! It allows you to transpose the tabs to any key, add notation/timing, and also view it note-by-note along with the video. For a high level overview of Worship Online tabs, check out this the video on this page here.

Here we're going to step by step on all the features available within our tab player. Check out the video below!

Why it's our favorite Worship Online feature:

Transpose The Tabs To ANY Key

Yes, I’m 100% serious. These new guitar and bass tabs are transposable and available in ALL 12 KEYS. Are you playing in the key of Db? BOOM, we have tabs for you. Your worship leader changed the key last minute? NO PROBLEM, move the transposition slider to whatever key you are playing in, and you instantly have tabs.

As a guitarist, this is the feature that I am the most excited about. I recently used the transpose feature to quickly and easily learn the slammin’ guitar solo in the song Let the Redeemed by Josh Baldwin.

Yes, I could have transposed it myself, but I didn’t have a lot of time, and this new feature made it so much faster and easier for me to learn. I was able to spend my time actually playing guitar instead of transposing the entire solo to a different key and figuring out the new phrasings.

Guitar Tabs Synced With The Video Tutorial

Ok, this is a really cool one. With this new feature, you can see the tabs in real-time while watching the tutorial! No more playing guessing games on the timing of parts! It’s so much easier to learn new songs when you can read the music in real-time, see the guitar, and hear the audio.

Easily Printable

This is another thing that I’m really excited about. Printing is so easy now, and it looks super clean. Simply click on the “…” icon on the bottom right to see more, select the settings button, and click print. Easy as that. It instantly creates a PDF that you can print and take with you to practice. Don’t forget that you’re able to print these tabs in ALL 12 KEYS!

Customizable Appearance

Everyone practices and learns differently, so we’ve tailored our tabs to work the best for YOU! The customizable tab player has a ton of different options to change the design and layout of the tabs so that you can practice the way you want to.

Do you want the video to be above the tabs, to the left of the tabs, or do you only want to see the tabs? Want the tabs to scroll left to right or top to bottom? Do you only want to see the chord changes and not the tabs? Do you want to see music notation in addition to tabs? Do you want the text size to be larger than Texas itself?

Well, the good news is that you can do whatever you want! Have it your way! (Pro Tip: You can print out your “Instrument Appearance” customizations! Play around with this feature. There’s so much cool stuff you can do.)

Unbeatable Accuracy

With our new tabs, you can see exactly what our guitarists and bassists are playing for the entire song! Now our album-accurate tutorials are even easier to learn. It’s never been easier or more fun to learn the exact parts from your favorite worship songs!

Loop Any Tab Section

Is there a tricky section that you can’t nail? Use the looping feature to repeat a section over and over again until it’s easy to play.

Adjust The Speed

Another great feature to help you nail those tricky parts. You can slow the video and tabs down up to 25% of the original speed to be able to grasp those harder lines. I like using this in combination with the looping feature to master the part. You can also speed up the video and the tabs to 200% for those last-minute procrastination (I mean practice) sessions.

Built-In Metronome

I love using this when I’m only looking at the tabs to help me hear the timing and play in time. Your band members will thank you for using this feature.

Virtual Guitar Fretboard

Turn this feature on to see the tabs displayed on a virtual fretboard in real-time. I use this feature all the time.

Desktop + Mobile Compatibility

Experience these incredible guitar tabs on your computer or the Worship Online mobile iOS App. I love using the desktop version when I’m practicing at home. Still, it’s also so convenient to pull out your phone and open our app during practice.

It comes in handy if you forget how to play a part, need to see a quick reference, or if your worship leader changes keys last minute. Now you have to learn that slide line in a different key (we’ve all been there, haha).

If you haven’t picked up yet, I AM SO EXCITED about this new feature, and I think you’re going to be too!

If you’re already a Worship Online member, the new tabs are already ready for you to use!

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