If a team member can't locate an invitation, have them check their spam and/or junk folders.

It’s very common for these emails to automatically get sorted to a junk or spam folder. Have your team member check their junk or spam folders for the invitation email.

If they still don't see it, or the invitation link is invalid when selected, use "Manually Send"

This is a common issue, so we’ve create a “manually send” feature to allow you to manually send the link to them via email or even a text message. 

Follow the steps laid out in the clip below. Before you begin these steps, I suggest removing the the team member completely and sending them a fresh invite:

  1. Remove the invited person completely and then re-invite them.
  2. Select "Manually Send"
  3. "Copy" the link in the pop up.
  4. Paste that link into an email (or even a text message) to that person. 

Explanation - Each time "manually send" is selected, it renders any previous invites sent invalid. So the team member must select the most resent invite sent to them or else they will get an "invalid token" error. 

For example, if you've selected manually send for a team member and during that process, they happen to discover the original invite sent and select it, it will not be valid.

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