If a team member can't locate an invitation, have them check their spam and/or junk folders.

It’s very common for these emails to automatically get sorted to a junk or spam folder. Have your team member check their junk or spam folders for the invitation email.

This is a common issue, so we’ve create a “resend invitation” feature to allow you to manually send the link to them via email or even a text message. 

Follow the steps laid out below. Before you begin these steps, I suggest removing the the team member completely and sending them a fresh invite:

  1. Remove the invited person completely and then re-invite them.

  2. Select "Resend Invitation" Selecting this option does not automatically send out a new invitation, it only generates a new link for you to copy and send yourself.

  3. "Copy" the link in the pop up window.

  4. Paste that link into an email (or even a text message) to that person. 

Explanation - Each time "resend invitation" is selected, it renders any previous invites sent invalid. So the team member must select the most resent invite sent to them or else they will get an "invalid token" error. 

For example, if you've selected "resend invitation" for a team member and during that process, they happen to discover the original invite sent and select it, it will not be valid.

As a last resort!

You can actually accept the invitation on your team member's behalf, as if you were them. You'll just set up their account for them and send them the login info. They can always change their password from their account page once they log in.

  1. Remove the team member and re-invite them.

  2. Select "resend invitation" and then copy the new invite link. (If you're doing this for multiple team members, start back at step 1 and keep a running note of the team member's email addresses and their invite link. Next to each email address, paste their generated invite link so you can come back to it later. If you're just doing this for one team member, it's not necessary to paste the link into a note.)

  3. Sign out of your account and then paste that invite link into your browser. (Again, if you're doing this for multiple users, you'll just need to click the link you pasted earlier. Make sure you're signed out before you select or paste the invite link or else you will receive an error message.)

  4. You'll be directed to set the account up. You can then just send them the newly created login info you just set up. 

Again, If you're doing this for multiple members, you'll have to log out each time after setting up a new account. If you're already logged into an account when you select the invite link, it will return with an error. 

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