As mentioned in our site Terms And Conditions:

"3 Device Maximum: Each account is granted rights to access Worship Online content on no more than three (3) computing devices (e.g. computer, iPad and iPhone) provided all three devices are used by a single person. We hold the right to allow or revoke devices at our discretion."

In an effort to keep accounts secure, we enforce this by only allowing 3 devices to be logged in at a time per account. 

You can manage which devices are allowed to be logged in by navigating to your account page > devices, on both the mobile app and website versions of the site. From there, you can remove a device to free up a spot.

It is against our terms and conditions to share your login password for any reason. If you need to give access to Worship Online to another person, the only way to do this is with a team account, or by that person starting their own solo account. We monitor account logins/devices and sharing your password can result in your account being banned or temporarily suspended. 

Device Limit Reached Message

If you are being blocked from logging in because you've reached your maximum number of devices (3), then simply return to one of the currently logged in devices and remove a device from your account. This will free up a spot for you to log in onto a new device. Note that if you remove the device you're currently logged in with, you will automatically be logged out from that device. 

It's important that you do not share your password with anyone in order to prevent yourself from being locked out of your account. 

Important Note

It is also important to note that using the same device in different versions of the site (browser, mobile) will count as separate devices within your account. For example, if you use your iPhone to log into the mobile app and then also log into the site via safari on the same iPhone, this will count as 2 separate device on your account. 

Team Accounts

Each individual account within a team account will receive 3 device logins. If you are the account administrator, your account will also receive 3 device logins. 

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