The Mixer Feature is a new tool we've added to the site that allows you to easily customize and adjust every instrument and vocal part exactly how you want it! Whether you want to hear more vocals, want to hear bass and drums together, or just want to hear a click track along with the tracks, the options are endless!

Check out the video linked below for a full rundown of the Mixer Feature and all it has to offer!

Mixer Feature FAQ:

Q: How do I turn on the Mixer feature?
A: You can activate the mixer by click the Mixer icon (three lines) to the left of the Volume icon

Q: I turned on the Mixer but can't hear anything yet.
A: After clicking on the Mixer icon the audio tracks will need to load. It may take anywhere from 5-60 seconds depending on your computer and internet connection.

Q: How do I turn the Mixer feature off?
A: Clicking on the Volume Icon on the main video will turn off the Mixer

Q: What browsers does the Mixer work best in?
A: The Mixer can be used in most browsers on a desktop or laptop computer. We recommend to use Google Chrome first for the best performance. Safari and Mozilla Firefox will also work. Those browsers will offer the best playback experience for the mixer.

Q: Can I use the Mixer on my iphone/tablet/ipad/mobile device?
A: The Mixer can currently only be used on desktop or laptop computers. This is due to how much resources are required to process the audio tracks. The mixer is also not currently available in our mobile app.

Q: The Mixer lags or glitches, what can I do?
A: The Mixer requires a lot of RAM and CPU on your computer. Older computers may not have enough resources to process the Mixer audio in real time, resulting in lag or glitches. Giving the Mixer extra time to buffer may help reduce the glitching. 

Q: Some songs don't have the Mixer icon?
A: We are adding the mixer feature to new songs everyday! The process takes a little while so we just ask for your patience as we continue to fully update the Mixer Feature. 

Q: I'm hearing glitches/artifacts in the tracks from the mixer
A: Try closing other applications on your computer, and other tabs in your browser to free up some memory for your computer to properly handle the tracks. 

Next steps: Start your free trial and try the mixer out for yourself!

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